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Gitnox allows you to create a master ninox template and replicate it amongst thousands of end-clients, allowing you to to keep selected deployed apps up to date as you improve your master app. Gitnox also ships with licence management allowing you to collect fees from your end clients for using your service.


Simple yet game changing features !

Version Control

Take snapshots of modification made on your master application and let Gitnox replicate your changes automagically to all your subsdcribed end clients. You can also rollback your code to a previous state without the need to restore your entire database to an earlier stage.


Force your clients to pay you for using your template. Assign a licence for each copy of your template disable access to your template if licence is not active. You can control the lifecycle of each generated licence using your template.

Clustered apps

In entreprise mode, create a cluster out of your apps and instantly apply changes made to your DEV / MASTER template into your STAGING or PRODUCTION databases. This allows you to keep development environment separated from production environment, which in turn would allow you to outsource your development without worring about your production data. GDPR First !

🔥 Ninox 3.10 Modules

Gitnox supports the new modules mecanism introduced by Ninox in version 3.10. Use the Setup Manager on your private cloud / on premise environment to deploy and keep up to date multi-module databases.

Version control

With Gitnox, you have the ability to deploy and manage multiple versions of your password-protected Ninox apps across a vast number of teams, while still retaining complete control. This platform also includes a license management app that enables you to offer your Ninox apps as a subscription service. Gitnox provides two primary methods for effectively managing your Ninox app: Version Control and Licensing. Rest assured that all of your data is securely encrypted and stored, ensuring the highest level of security. Ready to learn more? Let's dive in!

Deliver multiple apps in one place

Gitnox allows you to manage multiple apps at the same time, each having its own life-cycle

Rollback your code

Go back in time to a more stable version of your ninox App. Re-apply your code to get instant rollback of all your clients to that specific version

Secure by design

Gitnox is built from the bottom up on a secure stack, with security in mind.

Communicate with your deployed apps

Thanks to Gitnox, you can now collect feedback from your clients directly from within your deployed apps, and deliver new updates to all or part of your clients. You decide. Git now allows you to communicate with your clients through a shared stateful object that ships within each client license.

App Agnostic


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We helped Trobia in deploying a great app they built on top of Ninox to their own customers. All copies of the app are still running smoothing in a password protected manner, the app has been deployed 100+ times with daily releases.

Philippe Delagneau - Co-Fondateur Trobia

The missing piece. Ninox adds a lot of value to small businesses, persons and big cooperation and I have always wished to make the solutions available for many people. Finally Gitnox allows me to deploy my apps to many customers and offer a continuous update service for them. Gitnox is just changing the game!

Emanuel Neubert - Ninox Partner and advanced Gitnox implementor

Who we are.

We like to see ourselves as the missing intrapreneurs. We surgically land into your projects, deliver great value then stay available for your next big Ninox challenge. Our leitmotiv is : Practicality



Mohamed is a serial entrepreneur who has been delivering value to businesses in France since 2002. He always has a plan B !



Ayman is our co-founder CTO and code magician. He can turn ideas into code in no time and speaks 8 languages, amongst which Java and Node.Js.


Digital Officer

Nour is our customer facing Ninox expert. She's responsible of helping our clients in materialising their needs into Ninox. Nour speaks 4 languages !


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